“Green Glow” Underwater Dock Light Independent Review

Last week we released our Deep Glow Green Dock Light Review, and we mentioned that we compared the green lights side by side while we were on Little Gasparilla Island. Best Underwater Fishing Light

Well, here is the criticism of the worthy opponent of the green light.
Examination of the underwater light of the green glow
The pros
This underwater light Green Glow was very easy to use and install
He came with a very long 50-foot cable (many for most docks)
It does not need to be in the water to place it
The weight did a great job of keeping it straight on the bottom and pointing up every time we threw it
It was very easy to get around (and clean)
The automatic on / off function was bright (forgive the pun) for this green light. It was so nice to plug it in and never touch anything ... the sun did all the work for us
He attracted a lot of snook
The inconvenients
He did not extinguish the same "green glow" as Deep Glow light
The bulb (although the glass was quite thick) was exposed like a normal bulb, and we had to handle it with much more care because it would have cracked or broken if we accidentally dropped it on concrete or something hard. While the light of the deep glow was so indestructible that if you dropped it from a two-story building, it would probably hurt the concrete more than the light (it was a tank).
Discover the unpacking of the green light of the glow. Best Underwater Fishing Light

All in all, this Green Glow green light was a good buy, it seems like it will last a very long time (provided we never accidentally give up the bulb), and its price was very good.

And since the main reason we bought the lights was to attract and catch snook at our dock, this light did an amazing job. In fact, it was a dead link on how many snooks we caught from both lights (and we threw as evenly as possible).

To see all the lights made by Green Glow, including prices, warranties, etc., click here to go to the main Green Glow site.


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